Providing professional home,
business, and community
peace of mind.

Oaks Security is very excited to be helping protect the businesses and homeowners of Ventura County, California and surrounding communities.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind and, when necessary, capture details of the situation allowing you to make a decision to educate, terminate, or call the police to prosecute.


Burglar alarms are very important to giving you peace of mind. It’s one thing to put a sign out in the yard or stickers on the windows, but it’s entirely different to be able to press “ARM” and go to sleep knowing that if a door or window opens up when you don’t want it to that a siren will go off and police are dispatched.


Anytime a person is caught breaking the law it’s a camera that’s used to identify them since it gives a visual of what’s happening. Video technology has come a long way in the past few years and recommended by law enforcement as a deterrent to crime and used in court as clear evidence. The technology is rapidly changing but the need for it doesn’t.

Access Control

When people, products, and information need to be secured, access control systems can be installed that keep the doors locked and can only be opened by an authorized person. Anyone else causes an alarm condition that signals a breach of security.