Why install a burglar alarm system?
Because this can happen – and you want someone to come help!
Burglar alarms are very important in giving you peace of mind. It’s one thing to put a sign out in the yard or stickers on the windows, but it’s entirely different to be able to press “ARM” and go to sleep knowing that if a door or window opens up when you don’t want it to that a siren will go off and police are dispatched (if you want that).
Today’s wireless sensors allow installations to be completed in only one day and without having to make a mess. If you have a house that is pre-wired, that is easy too. We have a basic residential charge of only $20 and $30 for commercial. If you require some advanced communications methods such as DSL or Cellular then we charge only $5 more.
The best part about Oaks Security is that once we install the system we are nearby to provide service and training if needed. After all, we live in the same neighborhood as you!