Emergency Alert

What if you could hold safety in the palm of your hand? Have access to emergency care providers at the click of a button? With Belle, you can.
A handy button for you to press if an emergency of any kind arises. It will connect you with emergency personnel within seconds who receive your location and will send the correct people to your aid. They can even connect you with your family. This is not just a signal that gets sent like a home alarm system. The Belle opens up a 2-way audio for you to talk to a live person about what the reason is for the emergency
Whether you’re in the back of a Ride Share, walking home from work, at a bar with friends or going about your usual schedule, Belle is with you. For less than $1 a day.

Two-Way Comunication

• Network Certified with 4G Network
• Battery lasts up to 30 days
• Convenient ways to carry or wear it
• Discrete and Fits in the Palm of your Hand
• 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!