Gate Entry System

Oaks Security has been working with gates and gate electronics for over 15 years and will be proud to service your gate, or install a new gate entry system to your home or business. Each gate entry system is unique involving gate motors, safety loops, communications to phones, integration to access system and more. Too much to describe, but that’s why you want Oaks Security to work with you to make sure all the safety mandates are implemented, and the convenience for users the part that is remembered.
A new typical gate system installation takes approximately 6-8 weeks from initial approval, starting with the gate fabrication and ending with full system testing. The best time to begin the installation is during the construction process and before the driveway cement is poured. This so the safety loops can be embedded into the pavement, as opposed to cutting the loop in after cement is poured.
We have a selection of choices on intercoms and gate motors and will work with you to figure out the best use of technology and controls.